How to Easily Change Your Lash Type?

Wedding season is at its peak, and you are already bored of your lash type. If yes, you must be doing homework to find the easiest way to make your eyelash extension gorgeously fit on your lash line. It seems like you think the same as described above. Right? If yes, you require an artificial lash type that will surely end up in a natural-looking lash type.

Here in this article, you are going to get the easiest yet comfortable way to deal with your outdated lash type and get it replaced by the best Lash type according to your eye shape. Before leading to the easy ways to opt for the gorgeous lash type using eyelash extensions, let us dig into why you need it.

Reasons to switch old Lash type:

the question can be answered with a simple statement that I am bored or want a gorgeous look. You can change your lash type easily by getting suitable. Explaining it in little better, let us mention what an artificial lash type is:

  • To enhance your eye beauty
  • Get flawless Eyemaker look
  • Make your eye look broader
  • Give your eye a formal look
  • Enhance your personality as a whole

How to replace lash style with lash strips?

Many types of extensions are available, providing you with a big spectrum to choose your new lash style according to your eye shape and adjustment capacity.

Beyond the selection procedure, I can't deny the biggest role of the lash extension setting be.

So, let us look at easy yet less time-consuming hack steps that are helpful while changing your lash type and fitting your new lash type extension.

  • Lift the Eyelash from Their Packaging:

Lifting eyelash from packing is quite tricky. You can do it in a hurry; it needs a patient to sustain its shape and protect it from any curve or reshaping.

Lift it with the help of some tool like Touvier. If you want to do it with your finger, it needs a lot of practice and patience. Once you lift the eyelash, remove it slowly and hold it up gently.

  • Apply Dry and settle the lash Glue:

An adhesive that you can use is simple glue. It would be best to remember that you should use black or dark blue glue here. It would help to consider why to use glue when the extension already has sticky surfaces for attachment.

The reason to recommend glue is to get a long-time attachment, plus the dark-colored glue will not appear when it gets dried, but if you use transparent or white colored glue, white patches of glue appear on your new lash type. Once you apply the glue rightly, let it dry and settle.

  • Apply Mascara:

Applying mascara might be taken for granted, but it's the most crucial step to give your new lash type a gorgeous look. Apply mascara gently once you get sure that glue is settled.

  • Attach the Lashes:

This crucial step that needs to be done critically and carefully is lash attachment. If this step does not perform with patience and carelessly, it will surely ruin your lash type.

For this purpose, let the lash attach slowly. Before attachment, measure the eyelash size with your eyeliner and cut the extra lash to make it fit for your lash line. Press the lash gently to make it properly attach and fit.

  • Brush the Eyelashes:

After attaching your new lash type to give it a final look, you should brush your eyelashes to get in their proper direction.

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