How to prepare for your first Brazilian Wax

Ever wondered what is Brazilian Wax? Brazilian Wax has become popular in the past few years in the young to mid-age demographic because of the Full Monty it provides and removes all your pubic hair at the down under. The purpose of getting a full wax usually is to remove any chance of showing hair out of line in your bikini area or when you are going to have a sexy time. It becomes trendy during the summer when every girl goes to the beach or wears just the essentials to beat the heat while looking hot at the same time. Search for Brazilian Wax Near Me today and get the hottest results.

Preparation Tips Before a Brazilian Wax:

The worst fear that comes to mind when getting a Brazilian Wax is the excruciating pain. Fear not, following are some essential tips to prepare you:

  • Relax – As this is your first time, don't overthink it or be worried about the pain; we are sure you will have the best results if you do it with peace of mind.
  • Shower Before You Go – The Wax will have the best effect if you are relaxed and don't want the wax lady to feel uncomfortable if you smell. Plus, it always relaxes the pores if you shower before you go.
  • Avoid Gels and Lotions – don’t use them as they may interfere with the removal and might hurt you a bit more.
  • Keep the Length – You need to go to the wax appointment with your hair about 1/4th of an inch primarily to allow the Wax to get a grip and make it nearly painless. You grow this much hair in 10-14 days. Just don’t shave before you go.
  • Deep Breaths – It is recommended to take a deep breath to relax the muscles when you go into your appointment and lay down on the waxing table.
  • Period Free – We recommend going after your special days are past. It will be un-sanitary and sensitive even though the professionals take great care to avoid tampon strings.
  • Don't Be Shy – If you have already read this far, that means you are ready and have decided to go ahead with it, so be ready to let the pants drop to get it done with.
  • Fuzz-Free – All it takes is the application and a quick jerk. It will be over before you know it but being Fuzz-Free is worth the effort.


The feeling of hairless and relaxed is the best. You may want to look the best when wearing just the essentials or want to look sexy for your hubby when getting intimate, or you just want to feel relaxed all the time, avoiding the occasional itchiness from pubic hair. Brazilian Wax is the best option in these cases without worrying too much about pain or shyness.

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