The Right Way to Care for Eyelash Extensions for Longer Retention

Whether you’ve got classic lash extensions, hybrid lash extensions, or volume lash extensions, the care remains the same. If you seem to be confused about the right way to care for your lash extensions and increase their wear, you’re in the right place.

How to Clean Them:

The most crucial part is knowing how to clean your lashes. This process is simple: First, you will need to purchase our lash extension cleanser available on our website and at our retail location. Then, you’ll apply 1 pump of your cleanser onto your lash cleansing brush. Please do not use any other products to cleanse your lashes, standard face cleansers have ingredients that will break down the adhesive. Massage the cleanser onto your lashes and then rinse if off with lukewarm water, pat them dry. Lastly, let them completely air dry, and brush through them gently with a soft spoolie. With a spoolie brush through your lash extensions upwards from the base to the tip.

Get Your Touch-Ups:

After two weeks, most eyelash extensions begin to weaken. This is when you need to go back to the salon for a fill. Sometimes, you can get away with an extra week if you take the utmost care of your eyelashes. If you extend the time any more than 3-4 weeks, you will notice uneven volume or sparse spaces on your eyelashes that are unflattering. When getting a fill, you can decide if you want to increase the length or volume of your eyelash extensions as well.

You can easily go from classic eyelash extensions to hybrid eyelash extensions. You can even opt for volume eyelash extensions regardless of which of the two you picked before. However, if you opted for volume eyelash extensions and want to reduce the volume, you’ll have to either wait until some of the extensions fall out or request to remove some of them. The possibility depends on the method of application.

What to Avoid:

If you’re confused about what not to do and need a little help, we understand. Not everyone knows what could damage their eyelash extensions. So, here’s a list of everything that you should avoid:

  • Do not let water near your eyes until 24 hours after application. Your eyelash extensions become waterproof after that duration.
  • Try not to use mascara. If you have to, go for a water-based one and never put on waterproof mascara. The same goes for eyeliner or any kind of eye makeup.
  • Never try putting on a strip lash. Adding lash glue to your eyelash extensions will cause damage to your natural lashes and extensions as well.
  • Avoid hot water. Hot showers, saunas, hot tubs, or anything that could cause steam or heat to reach your lashes could break down the glue.
  • Do not pick at or rub your eyes. This could damage your eyelash extensions.
  • Try to avoid oil-based products. If you need to use them, do not let them touch your eyes, as the oil can weaken your eyelash extensions.

With these easy-to-follow and simple remainders and routines, your eyelash extensions can last a long time. Now, you will have long, voluminous, and beautiful lashes for days!

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