Lash Bathe
Lash Bathe is a gentle cleanser that helps remove sebum, dust, germs, and all other makeup residues on eyelashes. It also lengthens the bonding life of eyelash extensions. HOW TO USE: Apply on the lash cleansing brush to clean eyelids and eyelashes. Gentle...
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Lash Sleep Mask
Sleep Mask, protect your lashes at night with this exclusive cup design. The rigid cup will help prevent smashing your lashes as you sleep on your side. Rated #1 by Good Housekeeping and as seen in the Hit TV show...
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Classic Lash Extensions (Mix Trays)
Classic Lash Extensions designed to be applied 1 to 1 ratio. 16 rows of lashes  9-12 has 2 rows of 9's, 4 rows of 10/11, 6 rows of 12 13-14 has 4 rows of each size
$13.00 $8.99
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Lash After Care Kit
Lash After Care Kit Includes 1 of each; Lash Sleeping Mask, Lash Bathe, and Lash Soft Cleansing Brush.
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