Looking to advance in the career of aesthetics?

Every day there are new advancements in the esthetics, makeup and medical esthetics professions. The skin care business is growing at an amazing rate, every day. Professional aestheticians are now the consumer’s leading source of information pertaining to how to care for their skin and maintain youthfulness. The only way to continue to raise the bar of the aesthetics profession is through continuing education.

Here at Jhay Beauty Aesthetics we offer superb classes to properly train beauty professionals. Check below for our next group courses or email us for a 1 on 1 course ($300 more each course).


All classes include theory, demonstration and hands-on practice:

  • Theory, Science & Didactics
  • Client Safety & Protection
  • Who is and is not a candidate for service
  • Contraindications
  • Pre- and Post-Care
  • Learn advanced techniques
  • Learn how to take the perfect before and after pictures
  • Marketing Info
  • Lifetime Mentorship
  • Demo
  • Hands on practice
  • Certification

Upcoming Classes


Beginners Classic Training 

  • 2 Day Course, April 4th-5th
  • $400
  • Deposit $150

 Volume Training 

  • 1 Day Course, April 6th
  • $350 
    • Deposit 150$

    As part of the course, you will receive your very own lash kit. Inside your kit you will find different sets of tweezers, tape, lash trays with different size and diameters of lashes, primer, remover, glue, and mascara wands. Also included with the kit you will receive a latex mannequin head for practicing your newly learned lash techniques. Last you will receive our J.B.A Lash Class binder with all training techniques, lash overview, and product knowledge.

    *Limited availability due to COVID-19 


                                  Full Body Waxing 

    • 1 Day Course
    • $500 April 11

    As part of the course, you will receive your very own wax kit. Inside your kit you will find different sets of tweezers, hard wax, soft wax, wax rollers, wax pot/ wax roller warmer, waxing sticks, wax roll, and cleansing prep/after care. Last you will receive our J.B.A Wax Class binder with all training techniques, wax overview, and product knowledge. 


    Skin Bleaching Class

    • April 12
    •  $350 without kit
    •  $850 with kit ($500 worth)

    This class includes top of the line professional products that can only be purchased by a licensed esthetician.


    Vajacial Class 



     Becoming A Boss (virtual class)

    • $150
    •  April 18th
    • Deposit $50
    • 3pm to 5pm

    This course includes details on our CEO Jhada Success and failures starting her business. She will drive deep and provide tips and tricks for you to advance within your own business. Do you wanna know what makes her business stand out? Or how she made 6 figures her first year going full time within a pandemic. Sign up for this course she will not hold back any important information, we’re here to see everyone win!

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    Financing is available for all of our classes. 


    *All classes are non-refundable and dates are subject to change. Deposits and payments are transferable to other classes. Contact us at JhayBeautyAesthetics@gmail.com or call 470-222-5599 .


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