White Disposable Microswabs


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❥ Great Quantity: You will get up to 100 pieces of micro applicator brush replacements in 1 bottle of 100 pieces. Portable and Hygiene. ❥ Multipurpose: Tool suitable for eyelashes extension, nail art, makeup, electronic product cleaning, paint, handcraft, jewelry cleaning etc. it can hold your solutions to avoid dripping, spilling and waste. Recommended for salon, home, going out and travel uses! ❥ Extra Few Millimeters: Longer than normal micro brushes that makes such a huge difference! Try it! ❥ Lint Free: Non-lint long head micro brush wands, clean and sanitary, durable & efficient brush applicators for one-time use. ❥ Handy & Bendable: Micro brush handle can be break into small segments, you can adjustment the length or use this small segment as a holder, you can rest the micro brush from your working table. Tips can be bend slightly into any angles, it will be easier getting into small places!

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