Curvaceous Tweezer:


Extended curve precision tip 4.7 inches. Specific for isolation and Classic application.

Curvaceous Tweezer curved head is designed especially to fit over the brow bone and rest comfortably on the forehead to ensure stability. No more floating your isolation tweezers in the air or hands shaking all over the place.

Can be used for:

  • Classic Lashing
  • Volume Lashing
  • Pre-made Volume Lashing

 All of our tweezers are made with hand-finished chromium steel. Chromium steel privets great corrosion resistance against most chemicals as well as atmospheric conditions. It can withstand temperature for high heat sterilization. Our special metal has superior wear resistance and maintains the finest point on the market. Each tweezer is counterbalanced to allow for more meticulous lash application.

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