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If you’re thinking about getting lash extensions, you may have heard the terms classic, hybrid, volume, and mega volume. What makes these 4 types of lash extensions different from one another?

This post will help you understand the difference between each lash style  and determine which lash set is best for you.

Natural Classic Set

This style of lashes look the most natural because fewer extensions are added to the natural lashes. They are applied by a one to one ratio (1 extension is applied to 1 natural lash). The faux lash have a thicker diameter (usually between 0.10g and 0.20g), restricting the lash tech from applying multiple lashes on one lash (hybrid or volume). Each lash will have  one extension on one natural lash at a time. Classic Lashes provide length to your natural lashes, achieving a more natural mascara look.

If you want to give up mascara but maintain a natural eye enhancement, this is your best bet.

Glam Hybrid Set

Hybrid Lashes are a mix of  Volume and Classic lashes. During he application, we switch between placing 1 classic lash and wide/narrow volume fans. Most of the time, this look will look fuller than a Classic Lash Set but not as full as a Volume Lash Set. If your natural lashes are thin, but you don’t want a strip lash look then these are the lash set you. This set can  also look pretty natural.

Luxe Volume

Depending on how many extensions are added to the natural lashes, Luxe Volume lashes can look either semi-natural or bold. Luxe Volume Lashes are ideal for those who want something more dramatic than Natural Classic or Glam Hybrid Lashes. This set is great for those who love a full strip lash look, they’re the trendsetter of all lash sets.


Lashes appear thicker and darker. Multiple ultra thin lashes are put on top of your natural eyelashes. This look is the ultimate dramatic set. Most of our clients would keep this set shorter since it is ultra full. This set will make your lash line appear darker (eyeshadow look). If the longevity of your natural lashes is a concern for you, these lashes will not damage your natural lashes, since we use the thinnest diameter to properly achieve this set. If you’re full of life and bold this set is for you. I wouldn’t suggest this set for those losing their lash virginity, this set gives off a more glam appearance and may not set your everyday look.


Unfortunately, there is no “best” option to select. It all depends on your personal style and personality. Natural Classic, Glam Hybrid, Luxe Volume, and Mega Volume lashes are all different in fullness, application technique, and cost.

If you want to make a settle eye appearance, the Natural Classic lash set is your best bet. A Glam hybrid lash set is the way to go if you want more fullness than a classic set but aren’t quite ready for the strip look of a volume set.

A luxe volume is a great choice for a glam set that is fuller but not too flashy. When you really want to make a statement and let the world know that you mean business, the mega volume is the way to go.

The best lash set is one that highlights the best features of your eye shape.

WRAPPING IT UP If you’re having trouble deciding between Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Lashes for your first full set, don’t worry. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to switch things up and have some fun with it at refill time. Until you try new things, you won’t know what you like.

Be rest assured, the Big Beauty Gang is here to help you get the results you want. Click on the link to book your appointment

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